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Days: Mondays and Wednesdays

Time: 4:00PM

U10-U12 Boys, U10-U11 Girls

A training group for younger soccer players who want to establish a solid athletic foundation. This program will focus on cornerstones that good athletes need as well as long term athletic development.

Areas of Focus

  • Speed, Agility and Running Efficiency
  • We will use a variety of drills to make sure the athlete is moving properly for their body type. Without proper technique and body position, the athlete will never maximize their speed and agility development.
  • Developing Athleticism
      A focus of balance, coordination and neuromuscular body control are the main components of the movement training.
  • Sport and Age Specific Training
      As players go through various pubescent stages, we have specific areas of focus in order to protect and enhance their physical wellbeing.


Foundations Program
U10-U12 Boys,U10-U11 Girls Monthly $150


Foundations Program
U10-U12 Boys,U10-U11 Girls
2X Week - $250


Per Session - $50


Due to COVID 19 protocols please make sure to confirm your desired time(s) and day(s) are available by emailing the Head of Performance jpinckney@fcdallas.com before you purchase.