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Areas of Focus:

  • Increase speed & agility
    • Our focus is on the first acceleration, top end speed and being explosive in any position. We have the space to truly train max velocity and really work sprint mechanics
  • Reduce risk of injury
    • Many programs will overload athletes over the breaks. We have our athletes return to school ready to dominate physically, feel refreshed and in shape
  • Enhance conditioning and strength
    • Increasing work capacity and strength are vital to find success in the college game and beyond.
  • Real time sprint mechanic reviews
    • Athletes will be taught and learn strategies to improve their running mechanics so they can continue the focus at school on their own

The workouts will be led by former collegiate speed, strength and conditioning coaches that know the demands these athletes face and what they need to succeed. Drop ins are welcome due to vacations and varied dates athletes have to report back to school. Please email jpinckney@fcdallas.com to confirm your slot before the group fills up!

*There are multiple group options so please contact Coach Pinckney for times and days


5 sessions - $99.99
Collegiate Training


10 sessions - $189.99
Collegiate Training